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This body of work emerges from the fabric of celebration. The pieces celebrate the time of production, they celebrate the activity of painting, of assembling colors and shapes, and they are joined through play; ultimately, they celebrate a dream. They build, they move, and they join.


These works develop a territory, an area, a space, a construction. They are time and space, simultaneously, and they are also noun and verb, simultaneously


These works also demonstrate the versatility of painting. They are valid examples of how the origin does not determine the result. Some works are made with paint, born of a two-dimensional medium, but they manage to expand and become tridimensional.


Each piece that forms a part of the whole work, is made by carefully juxtaposing layers of paint, as if the painting decided to escape from the canvas, and build itself out, creating a kind of habitat and architecture of its own, sometimes reminiscent of ecosystems, and sometimes of cities, or both.

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